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Halal hotels can be defined as the type of hotels organized to meet the expectations and needs of holiday lovers who design their holiday understanding by considering the principles of The Islamic religion. All of the products in our hotels which are included in the Halal Hotel concept have been rendered halal by the Islamic religion. Non-Halal products are absolutely absent in these hotels.
Although the design, organization and customer structure of the Islamic hotels fulfilling all of the Islamic holiday conditions, the activities and tours of the organization vary depending on the region where the hotel is located, all of the hotels in our service range are planned for the touristic and historical places of the region, all activities outside the hotel are meticulously monitored.
As the name shows, these hotels are the most preferred hotels for holidays to the conservative people. On behalf of the faithful people who create a significant potential for holiday and tourism, these hotels offer a wide range of facilities. The beach and pool facilities, which are fully compatible with privacy, are truly appreciated and preferred opportunities. Non-alcoholic drinks and halal foods cater to the needs of conservative people in these hotels. It is seen that this kind of holiday opportunities had become more widespread in the investments sector.
Hijab hotels, which are preferred by holiday lovers with their conservative viewpoints with their private beaches, protected pools and activities, can be defined as hotels that do not include food and beverages designated as religious forbidden, as well as halal and Islamic hotels.
According to Muslim belief, alcohol is forbidden and conservative people should not consume alcohol. At the same time, conservative segments prefer non-alcoholic hotels in order not to be side by side with those who consume alcohol. There is an unlimited number of soft drinks in these hotels. Food is served halal at these hotels. At the same time, as a holiday opportunity for the pool and beach needs for women with sheltered structures.
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