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Black Bird Thermal & Spa Yalova Hotel

Gökçedere Mah., Atatürk Cd. No:32, 77400 Termal/Yalova, Türkiye
1 / 7
4.1 Super
Black Bird Thermal & Spa Yalova Hotel
Gökçedere Mah., Atatürk Cd. No:32, 77400 Termal/Yalova, Türkiye
2 Adults

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Black Bird Thermal & Spa Yalova HotelPrices

Black Bird Thermal & Spa Yalova Hotel About

BLACK BİRD THERMAL HOTEL While transferring its features to you, it offers irresistible beauties for those who want to spend a beautiful holiday with its magnificent exterior architecture.

Our guests from one end of Yalova Thermal district and around the world, our hotel is set in Turkey are enlivened our hotelier.

BLACK BIRD THERMAL HOTEL '' black '' in the name of the word 'black' that would create a contrast to the outside of the hotel is completely white color.Taking its nobility and sophistication from black to white and its hygiene and elegance, every detail of the hotel is thought down from its name to its architecture.

You will not feel your pain in the morning to get up to the new day will provide you with full motivation.He'il make you forget your illnesses and bring you back to yourself.You can go to BLACK BIRD THERMAL HOTEL instead of going on holiday and then having holiday fatigue.

We offer free wireless internet and free newspaper service so that you do not stay away from the agenda while you are on holiday.

At our Thermal Hotel, employees with advanced empathy skills work from the lowest to the highest level.This also pleases our guests.

You would appreciate that every person wants to be welcomed with a smiling face and a pleasant word wherever he goes and to be sent off in this way.BLACK BİRD THERMAL HOTEL, which supports this principle, is pleased to host its guests and is happy to send its guests happy, rested and free of all negative energies.Remember that your happiness means our happiness.Every guest we entertain in our hotel is very valuable for us.

The fact that we have created a value for you in the eyes of our guests makes us feel that we have received for the service we provide.We think that it is the money of all our employees to see that our valued guests, who are welcomed in our hotel, make reservations for the next holidays.

Our thermal hotel, which has a number and focus of interest in its area, which offers the possibility of making a double holiday by combining what you expect from a hotel with what you expect from a thermal hotel, has always received positive feedback from its guests.To meet the miraculous effect of thermal water, we recommend that you hold your hand quickly.Because thermal water is the healing of many diseases.


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