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Service Agreement
Travel Content and Conditions
Meed Tour Seyehat Turizm Organizasyon TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. (Hereinafter referred to as "HALALHOTELCHECK.COM") and purchasing accommodation services, "CUSTOMER" agrees to abide by the following rules.
1- The service and the scope of the service purchased by the CUSTOMER are specified in the voucher and brochure delivered to him together with these sales rules.
2- The CUSTOMER accepts that he / she has read the brochure containing the qualifications of the service purchased.
3- The CUSTOMER accepts these accommodation sales rules on behalf of the other persons who will participate in the trip with him, and is obliged to provide the correct information such as name-surname, TC ID number of these persons to participate in the trip, the preliminary information and brochure scope It accepts that it is obliged and responsible to inform other participants about it, and that the brochure given to it is deemed to have been given to the participants.
4- The CUSTOMER will keep his identity card with him during his travels to Cyprus, in case the exit / entry of the CUSTOMER is blocked due to personal reasons (tax debt, refusal of any government institution, etc.) due to any lack of transaction or personal reasons (tax debt, refusal of any government agency, etc.), the legal and / or criminal It accepts that it will not have any responsibility.
5- All responsibility regarding the baggage and its contents belongs to him / her; The CUSTOMER is obliged to monitor and control the items that are with him, that HALALHOTELCHECK.COM or its employees have no legal and / or criminal liability for lost, theft, or lost items, to HALALHOTELCHECK.COM and / or to HALALHOTELCHECK.COM employees for the stated reasons. it accepts that it will not make any counter claims.
6- It is obliged to comply with the laws and practices to which the facility to be accommodated and the vehicle to be traveled with the signature of the customer; to comply with the rules notified about the service purchased by the guide, facility, agency and transportation vehicle authorities, not to endanger the life and property safety / integrity of third parties and from all material / moral damages that may arise in case of endangering the safety / integrity of third parties. otherwise, HALALHOTELCHECK.COM will not perform the service and therefore the CUSTOMER does not have the right to return.
7- The CUSTOMER accepts that the cost of extra food and beverage, personal expenses and all non-defined services will be paid by him / her.
8- In the event that the performed service terminates using the service on the grounds that it is defective, it will inform the official of HALALHOTELCHECK.COM and the hotel in which it is accommodated due to its obligation to cooperate and behave carefully, otherwise it will be deemed to have received and used the service;
9- CUSTOMER's fault, unexpected and unavoidable behavior of a third party, force majeure (strike, terrorism, possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues, etc.), unforeseen, even though HALALHOTELCHECK.COM / agency / independent service provider takes all the necessary care. and in the event of an unavoidable event, the CUSTOMER will not be entitled to compensation.
10- If the reservation cancellation request is canceled more than 30 days before the estimated check-in date, the total amount of accommodation collected will be refunded to the bank account or card that the guest paid for. In the event that the reservation termination request is canceled 29-15 days before the estimated check-in date, 5 of the total accommodation amount will be returned to the bank account or card that the guest paid for. The CUSTOMER who purchases the service through early reservation is obliged to pay the entire service fee on the reservation date.
11- In case the bank or financial institution concerned does not pay the service fee to HALALHOTELCHECK.COM with the claim that the credit card used by the CUSTOMER to pay the accommodation fee after the performance of the service is used by unauthorized persons unfairly and unlawfully, without the fault of HALALHOTELCHECK.COM The CUSTOMER will be responsible for the disputed service fee and any damages together with the legal interest that will accrue as of the reservation date.
12- The CUSTOMER must notify through a written or permanent data storage until 30 days before the start of the service that the CUSTOMER has ceased to use the accommodation service purchased. The CUSTOMER agrees to pay 5% of the amount paid to HALALHOTELCHECK.COM if he decides to use the accommodation service he has purchased, through a written or permanent data storage device within 29-15 days before the start of the service, and if less than 14 days remain. Requests for date change made by the CUSTOMER mean waiver and will be notified in writing by the CUSTOMER taking into account the above-mentioned periods.
The report showing the diseases / deaths of the CUSTOMER or its first-degree relatives that prevented the 10-day routine occupation of the CUSTOMER at the time of reservation and other documents related to other conditions that the CUSTOMER could not anticipate despite his full care, before the start of the service is an exception to this article. In any event, the cost will be returned to the CUSTOMER without deduction, except for the expenses arising from obligatory taxes, fees and similar legal obligations and the costs paid to third parties, which can be documented and cannot be refunded. .
13- The CUSTOMER may transfer the service to a third party who fulfills the conditions by notifying it through a written or permanent data storage until 7 days before the start of the service. The transferee is responsible together with the transferee for all expenses arising from the balance and transfer.
14- HALALHOTELCHECK.COM has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the CUSTOMER 24 hours later, if the CUSTOMER fails to notify in writing that he will participate in the service he missed. In such cases, no refund will be made to the CUSTOMER. If the CUSTOMER notifies that they will participate in the service within 24 hours from the beginning of the service, they can benefit from the service.
15- HALALHOTELCHECK.COM may cancel the tours it has announced or registered before the start of the service, either partially or completely, provided that it notifies the CUSTOMER. In such a case, the service fee paid by the CUSTOMER will be paid to him.
16- Since the contact information such as address, phone, e-mail shared by the CUSTOMER during the purchase phase will be used for notifications, the responsibility of not notifying the changes in the contact information belongs to the CUSTOMER.
17- If the CUSTOMER is not of legal age; Depending on the accommodation facility rules, it may result that the service cannot be used without a parent or legal custody, so when such a situation occurs, the cancellation conditions written in this document will come into play. In such cases, no refund will be made.
18- After the end of the service, the CUSTOMER can participate in the satisfaction measurement survey if he / she is called and approves to measure his / her satisfaction and his / her opinions can be published on otelpuan.com after they have been examined within the framework of otelpuan.com website rules.
I accept the above rules.
CUSTOMER, Meed Tour Seyehat Turizm Organizasyon TİC. LTD. About the services, advertisements, advertisements, campaigns and activities of the brands operated by ŞTİ and its suppliers and the organizations it cooperates with; and commercial electronic messages / sms, etc. in accordance with Law No. 6563. gives consent to share. If the CUSTOMER wishes to cancel its approval, it will notify HALALHOTELCHECK.COM's communication channels in this contract and HALALHOTELCHECK.COM will terminate the notification.
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